8330 – Transfer Students


 A complete transcript shall be required of all students transferring into the Grand Island Public Schools. Such a transfer shall not be considered official until an original-copy transcript is filed with the building principal. Transcripts received from schools that are accredited or approved by the state departments of their respective states will be honored by the Grand Island Public Schools.

Students lacking transcripts or transferring from a non-accredited/non-approved school will receive a temporary placement at an appropriate grade level based on age and information obtained from the student's parent or legal guardian. The principal shall grant permanent placement after school personnel have conducted appropriate testing and verification of information. This placement evaluation shall be completed within ten days and at such time the student will be permanently placed.

Students must present evidence of physical exams, immunizations and other requirements as stated by other policies of the district. (Policies: 8511 PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS; 8512 INOCULATION OF STUDENTS)

Students expelled or suspended from their previous school will only be enrolled at the recommendation of the superintendent.

 Legal reference:            Neb. Statute     79-232


 First Reading - November 5, 1984

Second and Final Reading - December 3, 1984

Policy Reviewed 12-9-96

Policy Revised: 02-09-2012

Policy Revised:  05.11.2017