8240 – Admission Of Exchange And Foreign Students


 The School District of Grand Island recognizes the benefits of cultural exchange programs in facilitating interaction in an increasingly diversi­fied and global community. As such, the district pledges its support in the form of official waiver of tuition to nonresident foreign exchange students subject to the following conditions:

The School District of Grand Island will accept a maximum of five (5) students from other nations coming to Grand Island via officially recognized exchange programs.The Board of Education shall recognize only exchange programs approved by the Council on Standards for I nternational Education Travel Policy (CSIET).

No foreign exchange student will be enrolled in the district until the foreign exchange student has provided the district with all records and information requested by the district. Foreign exchange students must also comply with any health requirements imposed by state or other governing laws and according to district policies.

 Foreign exchange students must not have graduated from high school (or an equivalent educational institution) prior to enrollment in the district. Foreign exchange students completing twelfth grade in the district will be provided with an honorary diploma. If a foreign exchange student wishes to receive a District High School Diploma, the student must make application to the school principal at the time of enrollment, and must successfully complete district graduation requirements.

 Legal Reference:           Neb. Statute 79-215

 Policy Adopted - December 13, 1993

Policy Revised: 3-3-97  

Policy Reviewed: 01-12-12

Policy Revised:  04.13.2017