8230 – Nonresident Students


Students who are eligible to attend a Nebraska public school but who are not legal residents of Grand Island Public Schools may be admitted into the school district in accordance with the enrollment option program authorized by state statutes. Enrollment option students shall be accepted without charge.

 Application for use of the enrollment option shall be made between September 1 and March 15 for enrollment during the following and subsequent school years. Written notification of approval or rejection of the application will be made before April 1. Upon agreement of the school boards of the resident school district and the option school district, deadlines for application and approval of the option may be waived.

 The board shall adopt a resolution setting forth its specific standards for acceptance and rejection of applications as an option school (Policy 7511-ENROLLMENT OPTION). Standards will conform to those set forth by state statute. These may include the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or school district. The standards shall not include previous academic achievement, athletic or other extracurricular ability, disabilities, proficiency in the English language, or previous disciplinary proceedings except as allowed by law.

Nonresident students may also be admitted under a contract with the student’s resident district at the discretion of the superintendent upon application and payment of tuition as stated in the contract. The tuition rate shall be the current per-pupil cost of the school district as computed by the superintendent. An example of this occurrence is Rule 19 – Wards of the State.

Students whose residency in the district ceases during a school year may continue attending school for the remainder of the school year without payment of tuition. 

 Reference:        Grand Island Public School Policies 7511 Open Enrollment and 8240                                        Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students

                       Neb. Rev. Stat. 79-215


                       NDE Rule 19

Policy Adopted 11-3-80

Policy Revised 4-8-91

Policy Revised 12-13-93

Policy Reviewed 6-3-96

Policy Revised 02-09-2012

Policy Reviewed  03.13.2017