8220 – Admission Of Resident Students


 All students, ages five to eighteen, whose parents or legal guardians reside in the Grand Island Public Schools shall be admitted to the public schools without payment of tuition. Any student shall also be admitted to the district upon request without paying tuition if at least one of the student’s parents resides in the school district. Proof of residency or legal guardianship may be required by the school administration, and resident status may be terminated by relocation of parents or guardians outside the district.

Students shall attend the school in the attendance district in which they reside. Reassignment may be made by the superintendent or designee based on the capacity of the class, grade level, or program needed by the student.

Capacities will be based upon class/program guidelines:

            Pre Kindergarten:          15 students/session

            Kindergarten and 1st:    20 students/class

            2nd to 3rd:                       23 students/class

            4th to 5th:                       25 students/class

            6th to 8th:                       25 students/class

            9th to 12th:                     28 students/class (based on required classes)

The Board of Education reserves the right to alter capacity standards based upon unique conditions at the individual attendance centers. The above capacity standards are not meant to define individual class size or the point at which an additional classroom or teacher is required.

Capacity for Special Education and ELL programs will be determined by appropriate administrative personnel and based on student number and specific needs of students participating.

Legal Reference: Neb. Statute 79-215

Policy Adopted - November 3, 1980

Policy Revised: 5-4-98

Policy Revised: 09/09/10

Policy Reviewed: 01-12-12

Policy Revised: 05-10-2012

Policy Revised: 03.13.2017