7850 – Animals In The School

Animals may be brought into the classroom for educational purposes.  Howev­er, they must be properly housed, humanely cared for, and properly han­dled.  Persons bringing animals into the school should receive prior permis­sion from the supervising teacher.

  1. Teachers are to check with the school nurse regarding any known aller­gies existing among students in the classroom, prior to granting permission.  If allergies exist, parents must be contacted for fur­ther direction.
  2. Teachers must assume primary responsibility for the humane proper treatment of any animal in the classroom.
  3. Only the teacher or students designated by the teacher are to handle the animals.
  4. If animals are to be kept in the classroom on days when classes are not in session, the teacher must make arrangements for their care and safety.
  5. Teachers with questions regarding proper care, feeding, and handling of animals should contact the science resource teacher or science department head.
  6. Animals are not to be transported in school vehicles.
  7. If a staff member or student has been bitten by an animal or skin has been pierced, the incident must be reported immediately to the school office by the supervising adult.  Principals are to assume responsi­bility to notify proper authorities and to impound the animal for observation.  Public health authorities will determine their appropri­ate term of confinement of the animal and method of observation.

Policy Adopted 3-5-84
Policy Reviewed:  10.13.2011

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