7840 – State Fire Day

For the purpose of creating public sentiment and calling public attention to the great damage caused to both life and property by fire, the Friday before fire recognition day should be designated and known as "State Fire Day".  This day shall be observed by the public, private, and parochial schools of the state with exercises appropriate to the subject of the day. The second Saturday in May shall be designated and known as the fire recog­nition day, and exercises appropriate for the subject and day may be exer­cised by any fire department.

For the purpose of instruction in fire dangers and in methods of fire pre­vention, it shall be the duty of the first assistant fire marshal and the Department of Education to prepare a book conveniently arranged in chap­ters, or lessons, since chapters or lessons are to be in a number suffi­cient to provide a different chapter or lesson for each month of the maxi­mum school year.  The expense of publishing the books of instruction, or other literature on the subject of fire dangers, shall be paid out of the appropriation for the maintenance of the office of the State Fire Marshal. Such books of instruction shall be distributed by the Superintendent in quantities sufficient to provide a copy to each teacher, and a copy shall be furnished to the Nebraska Publications Clearing House.  Every teacher or instructor at every public, private, and parochial school shall devote not less than thirty minutes in each school month to instruction of pupils in the subject of fire dangers and in the methods of fire prevention.

It shall be the duty of members of Boards of Education to cause a copy of sections 79-4122 - 4124 to be printed of any manual or handbook prepared for the guidance of teachers.

Legal Reference: Section 79-4122, 79-4123, 79-4124

Policy Adopted 3-5-84

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