7570 – Homework

The Board of Education recognizes that learning is not limited to the school day and that homework is a necessary and valuable part of the learning experience. The term "homework" refers to any type of independent practice or other assignment which will likely be completed outside of the class period.  The purpose of homework is to expand learning time, to enhance skills acquisition and stimulate interest on the part of the student.  Homework should be an extension of the classroom experience and as such is a valuable instructional tool.

A task assigned outside of the school day should have clearly defined learning targets and activities that are appropriate for the age and ability of the student. Teachers should assign meaningful homework which fosters the review and practice, application, and enrichment of skills which have been previously taught during the school day.  Homework should provide an opportunity for a variety of activities and practice experiences.

Policy Adopted 3-5-84
Policy Revised 3-17-05

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