7511 - Enrollment Option

The Grand Island Public Schools recognizes its responsibility to provide a wide range of educational experiences in a cost effective and effi­cient manner. Enrollment Option applications submitted prior to the start of the current school year, parents/guardians will be notified of school placement two weeks prior to the school start date. Applications submitted during the school year will be addressed within two weeks of submission.

The Grand Island Public Schools reserves the right to determine the school building to which the option student will be assigned. Criteria for enrollment option students will not include academic achievement, athlet­ic or extra-curricular ability, disability, proficiency in the English language, or disciplinary history of the student.

Priority shall be given to siblings of option students. Thereafter, acceptance will be based on the order in which the written applications were received in the Office of the Superintendent. If applica­tions were received at the same time, or the dates cannot be determined, acceptance will be based on random drawing. The application of a student who relocates into another district but wants to continue in Grand Island Public Schools will be immediately accepted.

Applicants for enrollment option who have been expelled but who have not completed the term of expulsion shall be treated as addressed in Nebraska statute section 79-266.01. Under section 79-266.01, an expelled student who has not completed the terms of their expulsion cannot be accepted without a majority vote of the Board of Education.

The Grand Island Public Schools will adopt by resolution specific standards for acceptance and rejection of special education enrollment option applications annually at the April board of education meeting. Enrollment projections will be based on the October 1st student count report to the Nebraska Department of Education each school year. Capacity for Special Education Programs will be based on availability of staff and facilities, projected enrollment, CNSSP contracts, instructional methods that may dictate enrollment limitations, and the availability of specific special education services. Students contracted through CNSSP and served in Grand Island Schools are not eligible for enrollment option into the Grand Island Public Schools (as addressed in 79-244).

Parents will be afforded the opportunity to appeal rejection of their application before the Board of Education and may appeal to the Nebraska Department of Education within thirty days of the rejection.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-238 (Reissue 2014)
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Title 92 Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 7 Nebraska Rev. Stat.

Policy Adopted 4/8/91
Policy Revised 4/13/92
Policy Revised 6/03/96
Policy Revised12-9-04
Policy Revised  11-13-08
Policy Revised  01-12-12
Policy Revised:  08.11.2016

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