7480 – Guidance And Counseling

The guidance and counseling program should be an integral part of the total instructional program. The guidance function may be performed on occasions by person­nel with specialized training and on other occasions by individuals having the personal day-to-day contact with the child.  Services will be designed to help students to recognize, accept, and develop their potential, to adjust to school and to develop skills they need to cope with the problems they meet.

The guidance program will be directed toward growth and improvement of all students in the school, recognizing, however, that some students are in greater need of individual guidance than others.

Guidance encompasses all phases of the student's life.  Guidance is a function that serves to assist a child in selection of courses which will result in career placement after graduation, or some form of post high school technical education or a college program.  The guidance department shall provide information on testing programs, financial aid, career op­tions, and counseling which will promote appropriate post-secondary educa­tion or career placement.  Guidance workers must work cooperatively with parents, teachers, and administrators.  Guidance staff, as well as all personnel who come in contact with students, will work to promote desirable, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Policy Adopted 3-5-84
Policy Revised  5-13-04

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