7431 – Inter-Scholastic Athletics

The Grand Island Board of Education believes individual students will prof­it through opportunities to grow physically and intellectually through their experience in a team effort made possible through competitive inter-school team and individual sports activities.

It is the Board's policy to provide students interscholastic athletic compe­tition in a variety of sports.  Students shall be allowed to participate in individual sports on the basis of their physical condition and desire. Qualified personnel shall be provided for coaching and supervising individu­al sports.

The purpose of school athletics is both educational and recreational.  The athletic program should encourage participation by as many students as possible and should be carried on with the best interest of the partici­pants as the first consideration.  This should be done without unreasonable interference with other obligations in the school community.

It is recognized that a well organized, well conducted, athletic program is an important factor in the morale of a student body, and an important as­pect of good community-school relations.

  1. The athletic program is an integral part of the school curriculum and comes under the authority of the principal the same degree as do all of the phases of the curriculum.
  2. Participation in inter-scholastic athletics is limited to students in grades 7 through 12
  3. Those teachers having direct responsibility for the athletic program of the school are required to conform in all ways to the general education program as laid down by the Board and administration, in­cluding such matters as schedules, financial expenditures, relation­ships with other schools, and health and safety regulations.
  4. The Grand Island Public School is a member of the Nebraska High School Activities Association, and in all athletic matters will ad­here firmly to the rules and regulations of that body and to the phi­losophy of sports which Nebraska School Activities Association encour­ages.  The eligibility of students to participate in the athletic program is determined in accordance with the Nebraska High School Activities Association regulations.
  5. No student may start practice with any athletic team until he or she has been examined and approved by a medical doctor and until written consent has been obtained from the parent.
  6. Expenditures for the athletic program are incorporated as a part of the general budget of the Board.  Coaches of each sport will submit their budgetary needs to the athletic director for the next school year and the latter will present the total athletic budget request to the principal for approval and inclusion in the general budget.  No expenditures for athletic purposes may be made in excess of those listed in the budget without approval of the Superintendent.
  7. Insurance against accident or injury shall be required.  Participants shall furnish proof of coverage or participate in the program made available by the districts for inter-scholastic athletics.
  8. An attempt will be made to have immediate medical supervision avail­able at all athletic competition.
  9. The school district shall observe all requirements of Federal and State legislation for equal opportunity for participation for boys and girls in sports.

Policy Adopted 3-5-84
Policy Revised  5-13-04

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