7415 – Travel Study

Today's rapidly changing world demands a knowledge of the cultures of peo­ple everywhere. It is our desire that the public school may expand the walls of the classroom to enable students to develop an understanding of the cultural similarities as well as the differences of other people in other areas. Consequently, the schools may explore opportunities independently, or in cooperation with recognized, reputable agencies to offer pupils the study of comparative cultures both during the regular school and during the summer months.

All reasonable and prudent steps to safeguard the physical and educational welfare of participating students shall be taken. Students shall be given guidance in setting up educationally sound variations in their school pro­gram to enable them to participate. The administration may place restric­tions upon students participation when welfare considerations require it. Student participation in all cases shall be on a voluntary basis.

The school district endorses the receiving of students from foreign coun­tries in our high schools for academic study in cooperation with recognized agencies. This opportunity offers our community and/or students, as well as the foreign visitor, a rich opportunity for cultural exchange. The Board of Education shall waive tuition of these students from recognized and accepted agencies.

Policy Adopted 3-5-84

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