7352 – Access To Networked Information Resources

The Grand Island Public Schools recognizes that technologies dealing with information access can have a strong positive impact on instruction and learning. The use of networked information technology should be consistent with educational philosophy and the goals of the Grand Island Public Schools.

All users, both student and staff, are required to execute the acceptable use agreement (Policy Guidelines 8457.1 and 8457.2) and obtain appropriate training prior to accessing the network information and communications system.

All district policies, including those addressing discrimination, harassment, and copyright issues, will apply to the use of networked resources.


References:        Children’s Internet Protection Act, 47 USC § 254

                              FCC Order adopted August 10, 2011

                             47 USC § 254(h)(1)(b); 47 CFR 54.500(b) and 68 FR 36932 (2003)  (E-rate restrictions)

                             Neb. Rev. Stat. § 49-14,101.01 (Political Accountability and Disclosure Act)


Grand Island Public Schools policies:


                                    1311-BULLYING AND HARRASSMENT

                                    5521–COPYRIGYT COMPLIANCE

                                    7352 –ACCESS TO NETWORKED INFORMATION RESOURCES

                                    8457-INTERNET SAFETY

                                    8457.1-Administrative Guidelines for Network Usage – Students

                                    8457.2-Acceptable Use Agreement Form - Student


Policy Adopted: 12-6-99

Policy Revised   9-15-05

Policy Revised:  11-8-07                 

Policy Revised:  06.12.2012