7350 - Media Centers

The Grand Island Public Schools shall maintain a media center at each school and online access from alternate campuses for use by students and staff during the school day to expand the opportunity for learning, contribute to literacy, support the local curriculum, and enhance and enrich learning experiences for all students.

Materials for the centers will be acquired according to Board Policy 7330 Curriculum Resource Adoption and will meet the minimum requirements of the Nebraska Department of Education.

It shall be the responsibility of the principal of the building in which the media center is located to oversee the use of materials in the media center.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to develop procedures for the selection and replacement of both library and instructional materials, for the acceptance of gifts, for the removal of obsolete library and instructional materials, and for the handling of challenges to library materials.

Legal Reference:
NDE Rule 10.006.01

Policy Adopted 3-5-84
Policy Reviewed 11-13-03
Policy Reviewed:  04.11.2019

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