7340 – Curriculum Guide And Course Outlines

The development of curriculum guides for the various subject areas is re­quired. These guides shall present at least a minimum outline for instruc­tion and include the following elements:

  1. Goals for the program--broad statements of educational intent which reflect the needs of society and the nature of the learner as well as the nature of the curricular areas.
  2. Educational objectives specific in nature that can serve as focal points for the organization of instruction.
  3. Identification of instructional resources.
  4. Inventory of the experiences for accomplishing objectives.
  5. Suggestions for evaluation of educational outcomes.

Participation of staff, administration, and community representatives is important for review of curriculum programs and the development of curricu­lum guides and course outlines.  Committees responsible for curriculum guides shall present them through the office of the Superintendent to the Board of Education for review and discussion.

Curriculum guides are to serve as a framework from which a teacher will develop units of study, day-to-day lesson plans, and approaches to instruc­tion which will serve pupils' particular needs at a particular time. Teach­ers are expected to observe the framework developed for a particular guide or course outline so that continuity of instruction in the district and purposes of the district's instruction program may be accomplished.

Policy Adopted 3-5-84
Policy Reviewed: 7-10-03

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