7330.1 - Curriculum Design and Revision Process

No curriculum area or course of study shall be added, eliminated, or significantly revised without approval from the Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning.  Recommendations for adding, eliminating, or significantly revising curricula should be made by designated curriculum and assessment teams. This approval process will help assure that all students are consistently provided with high quality learning experiences, which have been aligned to the district’s curriculum and assessment programs.

Written recommendations to add, eliminate, or significantly revise a curriculum area or course of study must include a strong rationale. For proposed new or significantly revised courses, requests must include a set of course/grade level curriculum standards approved by the designated curriculum and assessment team and the Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning, as well as evidence of progress toward designing course/grade level assessments that are aligned to the course/grade level curriculum standards. Written recommendations for course changes will normally be due to the Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning by December 1. The Board Curriculum Committee and Board of Education shall review planned curriculum decisions at least by January, with periodic presentations made at board meetings.