7330 - Instruction

The Grand Island Public Schools adopts the academic content standards of the Nebraska State Board of Education. The Grand Island Public Schools may adopt additional local or national standards that are the same as, equal to or more rigorous than the Nebraska Standards if necessary and prudent. Curriculum guides and course outlines are developed by district teacher task forces for all courses offered in the district and include the Nebraska Academic Standards as adopted by the State Board of Education. Teachers are expected to adhere closely to academic standards and the course of study adopted by the district. Information regarding academic standards, curriculum guides, and course offerings will be made available to all students and interested district patrons upon request.

Lesson planning is a personal process that should clearly articulate the “how” of teaching. Unit plans and daily lesson plans should be aligned with established content standards. Daily lessons should progress students toward mastery of grade-level standards.

Legal Reference:
NDE Rule 10

Guidelines Attached
7330.1 Lesson Plan Guidelines

Policy Adopted 3-5-84
Policy Reviewed: 7-10-03
Policy Revised: 04.11.2019

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7330.1 Lesson Plan Guidelines

Lesson Plan Components
Plans need to contain the district identified lesson components. These components do not have to be separate headings or sections of the plan.  Rather they can be integrated into the structure of the plan preferred by the teacher.  Required components are:

  1. Learning Target(s) (standards-based using Marzano Taxonomy)
    1. What will my students achieve today that will lead to mastery of the standard?
  2. Instructional Strategies (from Marzano Focused Framework)
    1. What is the best way for students to learn the content? 
  3. Student evidence (monitoring techniques, student evidence of learning)
    1. What will students produce to show they met the target? 
    2. How will I know that what they produced is at the level of the target?
  4. Potential adaptations (Teacher identifies student needs and plans to meet them)
    1. Do I need any accommodations or adjustments to ensure all students meet the target? 
  5. Resources (supplemental or additional resources needed for this lesson)
    1. Does my resource provide enough practice at the right taxonomy level for my students to meet the target?
  6. Time required (Pacing of an individual lesson or unit)
    1. How will I chunk the content within each period?
    2. How many periods/days do I need for this lesson? 

Lesson plans should be useful to the teacher and/or the collaborative team writing the plans.  Plans do not have to follow any specific template or be written and organized using a district specified tool

Lesson Plan Submission
Building principals need access to plans at any time.  Please, follow your building-level protocol for submitting lesson plans to your building administrator(s).

Digital Resource Based Plans
Many of the curriculum resources provided by the district (PK-12) have tools that make the planning process more efficient and effective for teachers.  For example, Wonders, our  K-5 ELA resource has a powerful planning tool that assists teachers in planning all components of an ELA lesson (reading, writing, spelling, grammar, etc.).  If you choose to use a resource’s planning tool, your plans must still be accessible by your principal.

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