7310 Curriculum Development

Grand Island Public Schools recognizes that the curriculum of the school dis­trict must be organized in such fashion as to provide and insure equal opportunity for students of different aptitudes, personality characteris­tics, and viewpoints. Curriculum development is critical to teaching and learning. Curriculum must be aligned with national and state standards, board mission statement and goals, and reflect advances in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students.

The administration shall be responsible for implementing assessments on the state standards in accordance with the procedures established by the State Board and the Department of Education, including conducting assessments in the same subject areas and the same grade levels as established in the state standards, and the reporting of scores and sub-scores.

The superintendent or designee shall be responsible for curriculum development to include collecting, interpreting, and sharing data to identify the district's curriculum needs. This data will also guide long-range curriculum planning and programs.

In making recommendations to the board, the superintendent shall propose a curriculum that will:

  • fulfill the philosophy and goals of the school district;
  • reflect the educational and operational needs assessment of the school district;
  • articulate courses of study from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve;
  • identify minimum objectives for each course and, at the elementary level, for each grade;
  • provide for the evaluation of the procedures and methods for attaining the objectives;
  • provide for objective monitoring of a student's progress;
  • provide for the needs of college and career bound students;
  • provide opportunities for student input in curriculum development;
  • integrate strategies for 21st Century Learning Environments to meet the needs of diverse learners;
  • ensure rigor, relevance, and relationships; and
  • ensure measurable quality academic content standards are the same as, equal to, or more rigorous than the adopted state standards of the Nebraska Department of Education within one year.

The above mentioned standards include the English Language Arts Standards (2014), Mathematics Standards (2015), Science Standards (2017), and Social Studies (2012) as approved by NDE. Any changes from the specific standards as approved by NDE in those for areas will be approved by the GIPS Board of Education.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to inform the board of necessary curriculum changes and revisions and, if needed, to develop administrative regulations for curriculum development and recommendations to the board.

Legal Reference:
NDE Rule 10
20 U.S.C. § 1232h (1994).
34 C.F.R. Pt. 98 (1996).

Policy Adopted 3-5-84
Policy Reviewed: 7-10-03
Policy Revised: 10.14.2010
Policy Revised: 11.14.2011
Policy Revised:  11.12.2015
Policy Revised:  10.11.2018

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