7120 – Statement Of Philosophy

The Board endeavors through the dedication of the school district's resources, to enable students, who come from a variety of backgrounds, to fulfill educational potential and become contributing members of society. This implies the student will acquire skills, attitudes, interests, appreciations, and in­sights which will enable him or her to make a maximum contribution to society. In order to achieve this goal, the Board will seek qualified employees to provide the best educational program for our students.

Instruction and curriculum are key elements of education. Instructional programs of the School District of Grand Island should be designed to allow students to demonstrate mastery of literacy and math, as well as develop skills in areas of creativity, self-directed learning, personal management, civic responsibility, problem solving, and critical thinking. Further such programs will impart positive attitudes in areas of physical and mental health, self-worth, citizenship, human relationships, and cultural understanding. Through programs provided by the district, students will explore such areas as sciences, arts, humanities, career preparation, environmental quality, economic understanding, value clarification, family living, and leisure time activities.

The support and involvement of the home and community are essential to achieve educational excellence in the school district. The school district strives to maintain an active relationship with the home and community to create within the student an awareness of dignity and worth of the individual, civic responsibility and respect for authority.

Also Policy: 1110 - Statement of Philosophy and Mission
Also Policy: 1112 - The People and Their School District

Policy Adopted 3-1-77
Policy  Revised: 5-8-03

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