6510 Certified Staff Assignments and Transfers (Teacher)

Certified staff shall be assigned to a specific position at the direction of the Superintendent of Schools and may be transferred to any other position as the Superintendent may direct. Transfers may be made at the initiative of the Superintendent or other administrative officers or at the request of the staff member and for any purpose which, in the judgment of the Superintendent, is in the best interest of the Grand Island Public Schools.

Certified staff shall be given written notice (renewal agreement) for their tentative teaching assignment for the forthcoming year not later than the close of the preceding school year. Staff will be required to leave a forwarding address with their respective principal or supervisor prior to the end of the school year. In the event that changes of assignments are necessary, all staff affected shall be consulted promptly.

Although the ultimate decision relative to individual transfers is based upon several considerations, the prime consideration is that of the welfare of the students in the Grand Island Public. When staff are assigned, attention is given to the proper balance of experience and specialized competence on the part of the staff in each of the schools. Transfer to another building is made after consultation with the individuals involved-- staff member, principal, and department head if appropriate.

Staff desiring a transfer may indicate their interest on the Transfer Request List. The Transfer Request List is made available to all administrators as they consider filling vacancies. The Transfer Request List is maintained by the Executive Director for Human Services.

Assignments to extra-standard positions shall be at the discretion of the school district and subject to the general procedures of this policy.

For the purposes of avoiding conflict of interest or favoritism and to promote overall staff morale, one relative will not be assigned direct supervision of another relative. For the purposes of this policy, relatives are defined as: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild, spouse, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or any other relative living in the immediate household of the staff member.

Policy Adopted 3/5/79
Policy Revised 6/11/90
Policy Revised:  08.11.2016

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