6462 Certified Staff Resignation

Certified staff who wish to be released from contract should consider the difficulty of securing an adequate replacement for the district and disruption to the educational program.  A late resignation greatly increases this difficulty and disruption.

Certified staff who wish to be released from their contract shall immediately deliver a written and signed notice of resignation to the office of the Superintendent or Executive Director of Human Services.  The Superintendent, upon reviewing the request and its impact on the district, shall forward the request to the Board of Education with an appropriate recommendation.

The Board shall make the final determination regarding the request but shall have no obligation to approve the staff member’s early release from contract.

The Board may request the staff member to continue as a member of the staff and to fulfill the terms of their contract.  The early release, if allowed, will become effective at the end of the school year in which it is submitted.  If the staff member has requested the release to become effective at an earlier date than the end of the school year, the Board may consider it on an individual basis.

A staff member’s refusal to fulfill their contract shall be cause for the district to request a suspension or revocation of certification by the Nebraska Department of Education.

Legal Reference:
Nebraska Statutes §79-817 to 79-845
NDE Rule 27, part 007

Policy Adopted 3/5/79
Policy Reviewed 10/18/07
Policy Revised:  08.11.2016

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