6461.1 Administrative Procedures for Policy 6461

  1. Separate lists of certificated staff members shall be prepared for each area of endorsement annually as of January 1. The names will be listed in order of length of uninterrupted service with the district. Leaves of absence, when officially granted by board action, shall not be considered as interruption in service. Each list will contain the names in the proper order of all certified teachers endorsed in that area, regardless of their current teaching assignment. Additionally, each list will contain the names of teachers currently teaching in a given area who are not endorsed in that area.
  2. The data referred to in the above paragraph shall be maintained in the district's personnel files as of January 1 of each year. It is the responsibility of staff to furnish any information concerning hours of credit, certification, and endorsement which would update the records. An official transcript confirming advanced training must be filed in the Superintendent's office on or before October 1 if a teacher wishes to be placed on additional endorsement lists for the January 1 release. Failure to submit this information by October 1 will disqualify staff from having the information changed until the following school year

    3. In the event that the Board of Education acts to terminate any certificated teaching staff through reduction in force provisions of the continuing contract law, the seniority lists will become the official lists from which the determinations of seniority will be made.

    4. When seniority in the area of endorsement is equal for two or more staff, as indicated by the seniority lists:

    (1) Number of years in that endorsed field in the district shall then be the deciding factor;
    (2) In the event that parity still exists, the highest seniority will be given to those who have attained the greatest educational level approved by the district;
    (3) Priority will then be given to the date of signing the original contract by the teacher.

    5. Following enrollment projections, program determinations, and financial estimates for the ensuing year staffing allocations will be provided to the building principals.

    6. Building principals, after reviewing the known possibilities of resignations, leaves of absence, and retirements in their respective buildings, will certify to the Superintendent or designee that excess personnel exists, and in what areas.

    7. The Superintendent or designee will review the lists of excess staff provided by the building principals and compare them with known vacancies in an effort to determine whether any required reduction can be performed through normal attrition, by the transfer of staff from one building to another, or by moving from one endorsed area to another.

    8. When the reduction in force cannot be accomplished through normal attrition or transfer, the Superintendent or designee, by April 15, may notify teachers of the possibility of reduction in force and provide a seniority list for examination. The board may take action prior to April 15 to amend or terminate certain positions or the number of teaching positions, but should not be involved to any further extent because of the possibility of hearings involving RIF actions. After notification of possible reduction, if the staff member wishes a hearing, they must submit a request to the superintendent or designee within seven calendar days. Unless extended by written agreement between both parties, final action by the Board must occur before May 15. (79-831)

    9. Staff who has been terminated to effect a reduction in force shall have preferred rights to re-employment for a period of twenty-four months commencing at the end of the contract year, and their name shall be placed upon a priority-recall list based upon length of service to the district. Staff shall be recalled when a position for which he/she is qualified and/or endorsed by college preparation becomes available. At the end of twenty-four months the individual staff member will be dropped from the recall list.

    10. During the twenty-four month recall period, staff may waive recall provided they are under contract with another educational institution at the time of the recall, but such waiver shall not deprive the staff member of their right to subsequent recall. A recalled staff member who waives recall or otherwise declines to be appointed to the position they are offered on recall, and who is not under contract with another educational institution at the time of the waived or declined recall, shall forfeit their right to subsequent recall and will be removed from the recall list. Staff on the recall list shall be responsible for maintaining their current address and telephone number with the district's administrative office. Offers of recall may be made by telephone but shall be confirmed in writing by registered or certified mail and staff shall have one week to accept or reject the offer of recall unless extended by mutual consent. If a staff member accepts a recall offer of re-employment to a specific position, any request for change of assignment must be made through the transfer policies of the district.

    11. For the purpose of establishing seniority only, individuals who are re-employed from the recall list will continue the date of employment as that which was established when first placed on the recall list.

    12. Staff on the recall list shall be given first consideration as substitute teachers.

    13. In case of termination the following opportunities concerning fringe benefits will be available to the affected individual:
    Health Insurance -Staff terminated may continue, while on the recall list, to participate in the group health insurance, subject to any limitations by the insurance carrier, by providing the established rate of monthly payment one month in advance to the Central Office Business Department.

    14. Nothing contained in this RIF policy denies the district or any staff any rights created by the reduction in force statute, §79-846 through 79-849.

    Revised: 3-30-2011
    Policy Revised: 08.11.2016