6450 Certified Staff Probation And Tenure

The first three years of service for certified staff in the Grand Island Public Schools shall be a probationary period during which time the contract may be terminated without just cause. For the purpose of credited service tenured staff who are employed for less than one-half time (.5 FTE) will receive no credit toward tenure. Staff employed one-half time (.5 FTE) through four-fifths time (.8 FTE) will receive that fraction of a year toward tenure. Staff employed over four-fifths time will receive a full year's experience. A specific probationary contract will be issued to each staff member during this period.

Any certified staff member may be placed administratively in a probationary status provided the following procedures are used:

  1. Written notice of impending probation will be given in writing by the Superintendent or designee. A list of the elements of unsatisfactory conduct and the expectations for improvement will be provided in writing and made a part of this notice.
  2. Written notice will also include information of the right to appeal first to the Superintendent and subsequently to the Board of Education. Such an appeal process must be initiated within 10 days of the receipt of the notice of probation.
  3. In the absence of a formal appeal the documentation will be made a part of the personnel file and no public Board personnel action will be noted.
  4. During this type of probation, no vertical advancement on the salary schedule will be allowed.

During a reduction in force, permanent or tenured staff members shall not be reduced while a probationary staff member is retained to render a service which such permanent staff member is qualified by reason of certification and endorsement to perform or where certification is not applicable, by reason of college credits in the content area.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Statute 79-828

Policy Adopted 3/5/79
Policy Revised 1/4/96
Policy Revised:  05.12.2016

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