6338 Certified Staff Nonchargeable Temporary Leaves

Subject to approval by the Superintendent of Schools or designee, staff may be granted temporary leave for the following purposes. Such temporary leave shall not be chargeable to cumulative leave days, and the teacher shall receive full pay.

  • Courts or Jury Duty. Staff may be granted leave to appear in court to answer a jury summons, or for reasons other than personal neglect or violation of law. The amount paid for jury duty or witness fees, if any, shall be deducted from the teacher's regular pay. (See also Policy 6339)
  • Curriculum. Staff may be granted temporary leave to participate on a school project within the school system.
  • Professional. Staff may be granted temporary leave to pursue professionally related activities such as attendance at an approved state or national meeting. (See also Policy 6610)
  • Visitation. Staff may be granted temporary leave to observe for professional purposes a person or school program. Membership on an accreditation team would be an example.
  • School Business. Staff may be granted temporary leave to conduct business for the school system at the direction of the Superintendent.

Cross Reference:
Policy 6339 JURY DUTY

Policy Adopted 3/5/79
Policy Reviewed 1/11/93
Policy Reviewed:  05.20.2016

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