6332 Leave Of Absence Without Pay

Leaves of absence may be granted for up to one year at a time without pay and may be subject to renewal in such cases as for example: recovery from personal illness.

  1. Under the provisions of this policy, up to a one year leave of absence may be granted upon the recommendation of the Superintendent for personal reasons which may include travel, extended recuperation, maternity, adoption, or other conditions. (See also Policy 6335)
  2. An employee on leave of absence shall not receive credit toward advancement on the salary schedule during the period of his/her leave, nor shall such time count as years of service for the purpose of acquiring permanent tenure or credit toward retirement.
  3. If an employee on leave of absence remains away from duty beyond the expiration date of the leave or renewal of leave, any offer of a position shall be canceled by such failure to return.
  4. Except as noted in Policy 6334, members of the teaching staff, when granted leaves of absence, shall not be guaranteed immediate re-employment.
  5. Leaves of absence for study (not sabbatical leave) may be granted only to an employee who has begun service as a permanent teacher and who has served more than five consecutive years in the School District of Grand Island at the time of the application for leave.
  6. The reduction in wages under this policy will be prorated on the basis of contract days missed. This computation will involve all monetary benefits provided by the school district.
  7. Continuity of instruction for students will be the fundamental concern of this district as teachers return to work from a requested leave of absence. This will mean that, as far as practicable, terms of instruction will not be interrupted.
  8. Nothing in this policy shall be construed to conflict with or supersede the provisions of 6334.


Reference: Grand Island School Board Policies:

                  6335–Use of Sick Leave for Maternity

                  6334–Leave of Absence without Pay: Additional Provisions for Compliance with the Family and  Medical Leave Act (FMLA)


Policy Adopted 3/5/79

Policy Revised 1/14/9l

Policy Revised 2/4/94