6331 Certified Staff Leave of Absence: Sick, Bereavement, and Personal Emergency

The Grand Island Public Schools recognizesthat certain absences are unavoidable and at such times, desires staff to return to work at the earliest time commensurate with good health, safety, and reasonable personal considerations. As such, the district provides for sick, bereavement, and personal leaves, the parameters of which are subject to specific terms of employment.

The Superintendent or designee has the prerogative to extend leaves if unusual situations warrant such action.

Special Provisions for Use of Sick Leave

Sick leave for administrative, supervisory, and teaching personnel shall be subject to the following conditions:


  1. After any absence of more than three consecutive school days, the employee may be required to have a written statement from their personal physician stating they are well enough to return to work and describing the nature of the infirmity causing loss of work time.
  2. In the case of any extended period of absence due to illness or injury the Superintendent or designee, may ask for and receive from time to time a written statement from a physician selected by the school district and at the district's expense of the continued need for time off including the probable time anticipated for return to work.
  3. The Superintendent or designee, may restrict the above sick leave provision to an individual or individuals who have abused the policy provisions. Such abuse of sick leave policy shall be considered insubordination on the part of the staff member and may serve as grounds for recommendation of nonrenewal of their contract or term of employment. The Superintendent or designee reserves the right to perform all necessary investigations to ascertain the facts in cases of contested use of leave provisions.


Policy Adopted 3/5/79

Policy Revised 8/14/95

Policy Revised: 05.12.2016