6330 Classified Staff Vacations, Holidays, and Floating Holiday Leave

The Grand Island Public Schools shall determine the amount of vacation, holidays, and floating holiday leave that will be allowed for classified staff. Once benefit levels have been set, it will remain in effect until such time as the Board approves a change. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to make a recommendation to the Board for changes in vacations, holidays, and/or floating holidays for classified staff.


The vacation may be taken any time during the school year when the vacation will not disrupt the school or district operations. The employee must submit a vacation request to their supervisor, who shall be responsible for determining whether the request will disrupt the school or district operation.


Classified staff will be paid only for the hours they would have been scheduled for the day. Up to one year of vacation accrual may be carried over. At no time will an accrual balance exceed the equivalent of 2 years accrual. Holidays and floating holidays will not be carried over from year to year.


Accrual and unused vacation will be paid upon separation of employment. Unused holiday and floating holidays are not paid upon separation of employment.



Policy Adopted:  10.13.2016