6329 Classified Staff Personal Illness Leave

All classified staff (full or part time) should notify their supervisor prior to the beginning of their work day whenever illness or injury prevents them from reporting to work as scheduled. In the event of an emergency, the supervisor should be contacted as soon as possible. Full-time staff, must be actively employed to be granted sick leave for unavoidable absences due to personal illness or injury. Sick leave is accumulated at the rate of one day per month and is available for use after the end of the month in which it was earned. Unused sick leave may be accumulated to a maximum of 90 days of sick leave at full pay. Absences which exceed the staff members accumulated sick leave days are not paid. However, a staff member may elect to use accumulated vacation time as additional sick leave.


Staff who use sick leave must indicate the illness on the corresponding days on their Kronos time record. In the case of any extended period of absence (three or more days) due to illness or injury, the supervisor or the Human Resources Director may require a doctor’s written statement verifying the need for continued leave and specifying the probable time the staff member will be able to return to work. After an absence due to illness of three or more days, a written release to return to work may be required from the staff member’s physician. Three or more days of absence due to illness is considered long-term sick leave and requires a completed Leave Request form. Staff may also be asked to complete FMLA forms. Refer to Personnel Policy 6334.


When a staff member becomes aware of circumstances, which require an extended period of absence, should notify their immediate supervisor. Circumstances, which would require such notice include but are not limited to: pregnancy, extended illness, personal injury, anticipated surgery, hospitalization, or disability. Staff must furnish a statement from the attending physician (1) confirming the condition, (2) advising the district of the scheduled date of surgery or the expected delivery date, and (3) providing the date beyond which the staff member should not continue to work and an opinion as to the staff member’s physical and/or mental ability to continue to perform the duties of their job description.


No sick leave benefits shall accrue as severance pay upon separation from the district for any cause.


When doctor or dental appointments cannot be made outside of the staff work schedules, sick leave can be used to cover the time needed for such appointments.


Full-time classified staff are allowed to use, from their accumulated sick leave, up to a maximum of ten (10) days, for an illness of the employee’s immediate family members, defined as spouse, children, step children, mother, father, brother, sister, mother-in- law, father-in- law, son-in- law, daughter-in- law, brother-in- law, sister-in- law, grandparent, grandchild, or person in the same home as part of the family.



Legal Reference:           26 U.S.C. §§ 2601 et seq. (Supp. 1994)

                                    29 C.F.R. Pt. 825 (1996)


Policy Adopted:  10.13.2016