6324 Credit For Professional Training Beyond A Bachelor's Degree

The Grand Island Public Schools recognizes that education is a life-long process and has a positive impact on instructional effectiveness. The Grand Island Public Schools Board believes that a well educated staff will benefit our students. Additionally, continuing education establishes a positive example for students.

Graduate hours in education and educational leadership will be recognized for movement on the salary schedule. For graduate hours to be used for horizontal movement, the graduate course must provide a reasonable expectation that the teacher will be able to use the skills obtained from the class in an assignment or in a leadership capacity within the district. Examples may include graduate level classes, endorsements or degree programs in areas of special education, ESL, Curriculum, Instruction and assessment, Reading, Guidance, gifted education, and administration. Specific classes will be pre-approved by the district to expedite the planning, registration, and enrollment process for staff. Classes which have not been pre-approved by the district, must be approved in advance by the immediate supervisor and by the Superintendent or administrative designee. Courses approved for movement must be from a college or university which is recognized (or could be recognized) as a Standard Institution of Higher Education by the Nebraska Department of Education. The Superintendent or administrative designee may also approve undergraduate level courses for movement on the salary schedule if completion of such undergraduate level courses will have a direct impact on the staff member's instructional success (see also Administrative Procedures for 6324).

Policy Adopted 3/5/79
Policy Revised 7/13/92
Policy Revised 5/3/01
Policy Revised: 03.10.2016