6322 Certified Staff Credit For Experience

The Grand Island Public Schools retains the authority of counting for longevity purposes experience in any duly accredited private or public school. Newly hired non-administrative certificated staff shall be granted credit for up to eight (8) years experience received in previous districts subject to limitations of allowable steps on the School District of Grand Island’s salary schedule. In order to assist in hiring most qualified candidates, the Superintendent or appropriate designee shall have the authority to advance a certificated employee on the tenured portion of the schedule.

Credit for experience will be allocated on a full year basis. Except for staff who have commenced teaching in the Grand Island Public Schools at mid-term or before, staff with less than a full year's experience outside of the district will forfeit that partial year experience for purposes of placement on the Grand Island schedule. Full time certificated staff who enter into a contract with the District on or before the beginning of the second semester shall, at the end of that school year, be credited with one full year of experience for purposes of longevity and salary schedule placement.

 Part-time instructional staff must have provided .5 FTE of service or more during the previous year in order to be considered for advancement.

Cross reference: 6320 Salary Schedule


Policy Adopted 3/5/79

Policy Revised 6/11/90

Policy Revised 7/11/94

Policy Revised 9-6-01

Policy Revised 01.13.2011

Policy Revised:  03.10.2016