6310 Certified Staff Salary Schedule

The Grand Island Public Schools will execute one-year continuing contracts with each member of the certified staff in accordance with appropriate Nebraska statutes. The first three years of the continuing contract issued to newly employed certificated staff shall be considered a probationary period. Certificated staff whose contract will be recommended for termination amendment or non-renewal will receive notice prior to April 15th.

While a schedule will serve as the guide for employment of all certificated staff within the school district, in order to assist in hiring most qualified candidates, the Superintendent or appropriate designee shall have the authority to advance a certificated employee on the tenured portion of the schedule. Administrative staff will be an exception to this schedule and will be placed at an administrative salary level commensurate with assignment, experience, and education but also dependent upon an incentive or a merit judgment by the Superintendent of Schools.

The district will participate in worker's compensation as required by statute. The requirements stated in the negotiated contract between employees in the certified collective bargaining unit regarding wages, benefits, and employee conditions will be followed.

Reference: Neb. Rev. Stat. 48-101 through 48-108
Neb. Rev. Stat. 79-824 through 79-839

Policy Adopted 3/5/79
Policy Revised 11/8/07
Policy Revised: 04.14.2016