6260 – Certified Staff Records


Personnel records will be maintained in the Office of the Executive Director of Human Resources for each staff member employed by the Grand Island Public Schools. The Executive Director of Human Resources shall be responsible for maintaining and preserving the confidentiality of personnel records files.

Personnel records shall include, but not be limited to, records necessary for the daily administration of the school district, salary records, evaluations, application for employment, references, and other items needed to carry out board policy. Staff personnel records are district records and are considered confidential records and therefore are not open to public inspection or accessibility. Except in certain limited instances, when the staff member has given a signed consent or records are subpoenaed under court order, will staff personnel records be accessible to individuals other than the staff member or authorized school officials.

Board members will only have access to a staff member’s file when it is necessary because of a staff related matter before the board.

Staff members may have access to their personnel files, with the exception of letters of reference, and copy items from their personnel files at a time mutually agreed upon between the Executive Director of Human Resources and the staff member. The district may charge a reasonable fee for each copy made.

In order to protect the interests of staff, the district will not use or require the use of an employee’s social security number (SSN) except in the following circumstances:

  • Compliance with state or federal laws, rules, or regulations.
  • Voluntary commercial transactions entered into by the staff member the district for the purchase of goods or services.
  • Internal administrative purposes including providing the number to third parties for such purposes as administration of staff benefits and staff screening and hiring. However, the following internal administrative purposes do not permit use of employee social security numbers:
    • As an identification number for occupational licensing.
    • As an identification number for district meetings.
    • In files accessible by any temporary staff member unless the staff member is bonded or insured under a blanket corporate surety bond or equivalent commercial insurance.
    • For posting any type of district information.




Legal Reference:           Neb. Statute      79-539

                                                                 84-1201 et seq.

                                    Neb. Revised Statute 8-2601 Credit Report Protection Act


Policy Adopted 3/5/79

Policy Revised 10/12/92

Policy Revised 3/13/08 

Policy Revised:  04.14.2016