6232.1 Guidelines for Policy 6232

Each building principal will be responsible for making all staff and visitors aware of the policy prohibiting the use of tobacco products in the buildings, on district grounds, in district vehicles, and at all school events.

1. Educate all employees to the concept that tobacco products used in the work environment is a health and safety issue, not a social issue.

a. Work diligently with those employees who are users; ask for their cooperation and offer to assist them with smoking cessation programs or methods to handle their "need" to use tobacco. Above all, never fail to point out that this policy was developed to create a work environment that is healthy and tobacco free; it was not created to punish tobacco users.

2. Make all visitors aware of the tobacco-free building/grounds policy and politely ask them not to use tobacco while they are in the building, on school grounds, or attending school events.

a. At school events, such as: open house, athletic events, concerts, drama productions, etc., always make public announcements regarding the NO SMOKING POLICY and ask the parents and the public to cooperate with us in promoting a healthy, tobacco-free environment in their schools.

3. Explain the rationale for a tobacco-free work place to all who enter one of our facilities. Emphasize the fact that tobacco use is not permitted but realize that we will have those visitors (and staff) who will want to test our resolve; be patient and polite, but do not permit "unofficial designated areas for smokes."

4. Be sure that volunteer drivers using school or private vehicles are aware of the prohibition.


1. It is anticipated that we may encounter the most resistance to this policy as it applies to visitors/guests who attend concerts, open house, athletic events and other activities where tobacco use will not be permitted. It is important to announce the policy before each activity begins so people are made aware of it. You or the staff members who are supervising will need to politely inform those who violate the policy to extinguish their smoking material. It will more than likely take some time to educate the general public about the policy so be patient, however, be firm in upholding the standard.

2. This policy is a "condition of employment" for all of our staff, so it is extremely important that those who disregard it are made aware of the consequences.