6230 Staff Protection

The Grand Island Public Schools will be vigorous in its protection of all staff from physical, verbal, and/or psychological abuse. Any staff member who is threatened is to notify their administrator or supervisor and steps will be taken to protect the staff member's safety. Staff will document the threatening or abusive behavior in writing, including the following information:
     • Name or description of perpetrator;
     • Date(s) the threat or abuse occurred;
     • Detailed description of the threat or abuse;
     • Names of witnesses to the treat or abuse;
     • Detailed description of injury or damage incurred; and
     • Documentation will be given to the staff member's administrator or supervisor.

The Grand Island Public Schools will take appropriate action to investigate and dispose of allegations made concerning staff conduct.

Policy Adopted 3/5/79
Policy Revised 7/13/92
Policy Revised: 02.11.2016