6214.1 Administrative Procedures for 6214

When any staff member suspects or has knowledge of any type of abuse or neglect as defined by the Grand Island Public Schools Policy 6212, the principal or administrator in authority will be notified immediately.

     1) In the case of suspected abuse, the witness or complainant shall contact the proper authorities after reporting to the school administrator, and apprising them of the situation. An oral report shall be made on the HHS Child Abuse Hotline at 800-652-1999. Every case of suspected abuse will be reported to the proper authorities.

     2) Witnesses will complete the Witness Disclosure Form (attached).

     3) The authorities will be responsible for a formal investigation and will contact the parents/guardians.

     4) Following police contact, the administrator or school nurse will complete an incident report (attached) and forward the report to the Superintendent's Office and to the County Attorney.

     5) All information regarding the involved student must remain confidential. During the investigation, the administrator shall make every effort to ensure that the student is protected from harm.