6213 Staff Use Of Electronic Communication Devices and Administrative Guidelines for Network Use

The Grand Island Public Schools may assign portable laptop computers and/or other electronic devices such as an IPad or camera to staff in order to facilitate instructional and administrative duties. These devices will be collectively referred to as Electronic Communication Devices or ECDs. All district ECDs are provided to staff members for a non-specified period of time as deemed appropriate by the district administration. District policies governing the use of technology apply to the use of all district-owned equipment at all times whether inside or outside the school premises. District assigned district ECDs will be formatted with the Grand Island Public Schools’ standard image, including the basic operating system, Grand Island Public Schools’ licensed software, and access to Grand Island Public Schools networks.

All staff members must sign ADMINISTRATORS, FACULTY, AND STAFF AGREEMENT form before checking out a district ECD.

Grand Island Public Schools has the obligation to ensure that its computer resources are used properly and within the guidelines established by the district. Grand Island Public Schools’ staff members assigned district ECDs must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. ECDs are to be utilized to support school-related activities.
  2. ECDs are for the sole use of staff members, and not for use by family members or any other person.
  3. The staff member is responsible for the safety and security of the ECD at all times. The equipment must be secured when not in use.
  4. The assigned ECD is the property of Grand Island Public Schools and will be managed by the technology department staff.
  5. If the staff member should resign from the district or the administration determines that the equipment is no longer necessary to the staff member's position, the equipment will be returned to the technology department.
  6. Software may not be installed on or removed from the assigned portable ECD without specific permission from technology department staff.
  7. Grand Island Public Schools reserves the right to monitor the systems of the ECD at any time without notice for signs of illegal or unauthorized activity and may access electronic files of users at any time without notice.
  8. The assigned ECD will need periodic upgrades and/or repairs. Staff members must make the assigned equipment available to technology department staff at the requested time for upgrades and repairs.
  9. If software/hardware problems arise, the ECD may need to be restored to its original settings and work files may be lost during the restore process. Documents, folders, and desktop files must be synchronized with the building server. Staff members are responsible for backing up data stored on the computer hard drive. Backups can be made on a server provided by the district or on local devices.
  10. The assigned ECD must be maintained in clean condition. Food, drink, and dirty hands should be kept away from the equipment.
  11. Any problem with the equipment must be reported immediately to the technology department staff.
  12. Staff members will not be held responsible for ECD problems resulting from normal
    school-related use; however, staff members may be held personally responsible and liable for the total cost of repair or replacement of the device when loss or damages problems are caused by abuse or negligence as deemed by building and district administration.
  13. Staff members must immediately report any damage or loss of the device to an administrator. If the ECD is lost or stolen the staff member responsible for the device shall file a police report and provide a copy to district administration.
  14. Any questions, concerns, or interpretations of this policy not covered in this statement will be resolved at the discretion of Grand Island Public Schools’ Director of Technology.

Use of Personal ECDs by Staff Members:

  1. Staff members may use personal ECDs (e.g., laptops, smart phones, personal digital assistants); however, these devices are acceptable for use only on the public unsecured network and, due to scarce technical resources, will have limited support of district technology staff. Once the device is used to access the network it is subject to all the network guidelines.
  2. Use of the ECD is prohibited for personal use if that use:
    • results in the interruption of others during the scheduled school day; and
    • has an adverse effect on the proper operation of the network.
  3. Personal use of the network is allowed during the following times:
    • before and after school or duty hours
    • during the workday but during non-duty time (e.g. uninterrupted lunch period); and
    • brief, but not extensive use (limited duration), during a planning period.

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Grand Island Public Schools policies:
6213.1-Administrative Guidelines for Acceptable Use Agreement-Staff

Policy Approved: 6.12.2012
Policy Reviewed: 02.11.2016
Policy Revised: 07.12.2018

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