6210 - Staff Ethics

The Grand Island Public Schools expects staff to maintain a standard of personal conduct which shall be above reproach and which will contribute to a high level of morale in the school. Each staff member is responsible for acceptable conduct and dress. The Grand Island Public Schools may require and define acceptable conduct and dress.

An effective educational program requires the services of integrity, high ideals, and human understanding.  To maintain and promote these essential qualities, all staff of the Grand Island Public Schools will maintain high standards.  These standards include the following:

  1. The maintenance of just and courteous professional relationships with students, parents, staff members, and others.
  2. The maintenance of current information of the developments in their fields of work and specialization.
  3. The establishment of friendly and intelligent cooperation between the community and the school system.
  4. The placement of the welfare of students as the first priority of the school.
  5. The realization that all hiring and promotion must be based solely on characteristics of merit.
  6. Restraint from using school contacts and privileges to promote partisan politics, sectarian and religious use, or selfish positions of any kind.
  7. Directing all communication to the appropriate school administrator.
  8. The proper use and protection of all school properties, equipment, and materials.
  9. Additionally, all certified staff shall maintain adherence to the Code of Ethics for the Teaching Profession as adopted by the Nebraska State Board of Education.

The acceptance of a position in the Grand Island Public Schools will be regarded as a pledge to follow all the directions and regulations of the Board, superintendent, and appropriate supervisor. When any neglect of such rules is manifested by any staff member it shall be considered sufficient cause for termination.

Legal Reference:
Title 92, NAC, 27 – Regulations and Standards for Professional Practices Criteria
Rule 27

Policy Adopted 3/5/79
Policy Revised 6/8/92
Policy Revised 2/5/96
Policy Reviewed: 02.11.2016

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