5530 Insurance Management (Risk Management)

  1. Insurance will be purchased against major exposures which might result in loss Including but not limited to the following types of policies:
    • General Liability Insurance
    • Automobile Liability Insurance
    • Fidelity and Crime Insurance
    • Workman's Compensation Insurance
    • Errors and Omissions
  2.  Property insured will be insured to value on the basis of replacement costs.
  3. Insurance will be placed only through All Lines Interlocal Cooperative Aggregate Pool (ALICAP).

The administration of the risk and management policy will be under the central direction of the Executive Director of Business.  Responsibility will include placement of insurance coverage, maintenance of property appraisals and inventories, processing of claims, maintenance of loss records, and supervision of loss prevention activities.

Policy Adopted 2/7/77
Policy Revised  7-14-05
Policy Revised:  11.12.2015

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