5510 Food Services Management

The Grand Island Public Schools may operate a meal program, including breakfast, lunch, and snacks available to all students. The Nutrition Services Director, shall oversee all nutrition services functions. U.S. Department of Agriculture and Nebraska Department of Education nutrition services policies and guidelines will be followed.

The Board shall annually approve the prices set for school lunches. The price for meals shall reflect cost of food, labor, transportation, and other costs and will consider reimbursement rates set by the USDA as required for participation in the National School Lunch Program:

  1. A reimbursable meal shall be made available for all students.
  2. Free and reduced price lunches be provided for students whose parents or guardians are eligible for them.

Students shall also be permitted to bring their lunches from home and to purchase a la carte items.

The Nebraska Competitive Food Policy is designed to assure healthy foods/meals for children are provided during the day and schools are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No food or beverages can be sold to children anywhere on school premises beginning one half hour before breakfast and/or lunch service until one half-hour after meal service unless all proceeds earned during these time periods go to the school nutrition program.
  • No other program or club can sell foods/beverages during times that overlap (compete) with the meal service offered by the school lunch/breakfast programs.
  • If a vending machine, not operated by the school nutrition program, is open during the meal service period, the profit during that period must go to the school nutrition program.
  •  All foods sold during the school day will need to meet the nutrition standards as outlined in the Smart Snacks guidance.
  • There are no requirements for food/beverages sold during non-school hours for example weekends and evenings.
  • The list of “Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value” has been replaced by Smart Snack Guidelines.

Legal Reference:
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, Public Law 111–296, (the HHFK Act)
PL 108.265 Section 204 (Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004)
42 U.S.C. 1771 et seq. (Child Nutrition Act of 1966)
42 U.S.C. 1751 et seq. Section 305 and 361 (National School Lunch Act)

Cross Reference:
7190.1 Guidelines for Healthy School Environments
7190.2 Guidelines for Competitive Foods and Beverages

Policy Adopted 2/7/77
Policy Revised  5-12-05
Policy Revised:  10.12.2015

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