5312.1 - Student Conduct on School Buses Contract

Grand Island Public Schools Transportation Contract


Our school district is pleased to begin offering in-town transportation on a limited basis this school year.  In order to run routes in a predictable and timely manner, it is important that students be at their designated stop several minutes in advance.  Parents must inform the driver if they want to allow their child to depart at a location other than their designated stop.  Any student missing their bus should let their parent know they will need a ride that day.

When exiting the bus at the designated location (this location must be consistent each day), students must exit the bus and walk in front of it so the driver can see all passengers, and only do so after the driver has signaled for students to cross the street.  Parents are responsible for the supervision of their child until the student boards the bus and as soon as the child exits the school bus.

This transportation service is a privilege, and students will be expected to conducted themselves in a manner consistent with expected classroom behavior.  This contract outlines the expected behaviors and consequences for inappropriate behavior.  Bus drivers will report all infractions to school principals, who will administer the discipline consequences.  Following a verbal warning, students will lose their riding privileges for designated periods of time.  Parents will receive written communication of any loss of privileges through a Transportation Discipline Report.

The rules for riding the bus are listed below.  Both the student and parent must sign this contract in order to receive transportation services, which acknowledges an understanding of the district’s expectations.  The consequences for not following any of these behavior rules will generally be as follows, with administrators having the option of applying more severe consequences whenever merited:


         First violation               Warning by the driver (this will be the only warning)

         Second violation            Loss of privilege to ride bus for one week

         Third violation              Loss of privilege to ride bus for two weeks

         Fourth violation            Loss of privilege to ride bus for remainder of school year

Secondary 6-12:

         First violation               Warning by the driver and referral to principal (this will be the only warning)

         Second violation            Loss of privilege to ride bus for remainder of the school year


GIPS Transportation Rules

         1.      Treat all students and the driver with respect.

         2.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to self and inside the bus.

         3.      No teasing, harassment, bullying, or fighting.

         4.      Talk only with seat partner and in a quiet voice, using appropriate language.

         5.      Remain seated and facing forward in designated seat.

         6.      No food, drinks, or illegal substances on the bus.


I understand and agree to the GIPS Transportation Contract.


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Student’s Signature                                      Date


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Parent or Guardian’s Signature                   Date      Emergency Phone Number(s)