5310 – Student Transportation Services

The purpose of school transportation is to provide safe and efficient travel for pupils who live an unreasonable walking distance from school. The Grand Island Public Schools will provide for the transportation to and from school for all students eligible under the provisions of law. Other purposes for school provided transportation may include that required for equalizing school enrollments and facilitating programs, academic field trips in direct support of the curriculum, transportation for support of co-curricular programs such as athletics, music, drama, and transportation required for special programs and activities. Laws by the State of Nebraska require such transportation to be provided for elementary students living over four miles from their attendance center and to students with disabilities whose individual education plan (IEP) requires transportation.

The Superintendent or designee is responsible for implementation of all policies and regulations established by law and serves as district liaison with all 3rd party transportation contract holders. Bus drivers are responsible for procedures to ensure safe transportation of students boarding, while in-transit, and leaving the bus; properly covering the prescribed routes; and for proper care of assigned equipment. The bus para, when available, will supervise conduct and assist students and drivers boarding, in-transit, and leaving the bus. Assigned mechanics will maintain the transportation fleet and support vehicles.


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Policy Adopted 2/7/77

Policy Revised: 6-13-02

Policy Revised: 10-9-08

Policy Revised: 1-14-10

Policy Reviewed: 08.13.2015