5232 – Emergency Closing


The Superintendent is empowered to close the Grand Island Public Schools or to dismiss them early in the event of hazardous weather or other emergencies which threaten the health or safety of students and personnel. Such action is never to be taken lightly, for public education is one of the principal functions of the community and should be maintained at a normal level except in extreme circumstances. When regularity of operation changes, serious difficulties are caused and the welfare of children may be jeopardized. Schools may not properly be closed merely to avoid inconvenience. While it may be prudent under certain circumstances to excuse all students from attending school, to delay the opening hour, or to dismiss students early, the administrative, supervisory, and operational activity is continued as may be possible. Therefore, as conditions affect only a single school, only that school shall be closed.

The official method of notification is the home page of the district website and on district social media. To the extent possible the district will share on media sites. Buildings and departments have the option of sharing the district message on school sites.

In making the decision to close schools, the Superintendent or designee shall consider many factors, including the following related to the fundamental concern for the safety and health of children:

1.   Weather conditions, both existing and predicted.

2.   Driving, traffic, and parking conditions affecting public and private transportation facilities.

3.   Actual conditions or imminent possibility of any emergency condition which would make the operation of schools difficult or dangerous.

4.   Inability of teaching and supervisory personnel to report for duty, which might result in inadequate supervision of students.

In the event that all schools are closed for children, personnel expected to report at normal times, or as soon as possible, include:

1.   The Superintendent of Schools;

2.   All administrative staff;

3.   Supervisory custodial staff;

4.   Custodial staff (at their assigned time);

5.   Other employees, including instructional staff, as may be called by their supervisors as necessary.

The above staff will secure facilities and maintain operations to the extent possible as well be available to prepare for the safety of children who might unknowingly come to school when schools are closed. 

In the event school is canceled, all district activities are canceled including but not limited to performances, practices, and community events in buildings.                      

If school is in session but weather situations develop during the day, the superintendent or designee will determine if after school events will be canceled. If so, all district activities will be canceled including but not limited to performances, practices, and community events in the buildings. 

In the rare instance that school is canceled but the weather conditions improve, the decision allowing for safe travel to after school and evening activities, will be made by the superintendent or designee. Otherwise, no after school or evening activities will be allowed.

Any exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the superintendent or designee.

It is the policy of the Grand Island Public Schools to recognize the right and responsibility of parents in the matter of school attendance. This regulation leaves to the discretion and judgment of parents whether or not their children are in fit condition and properly dressed to attend school during inclement weather. Sometimes it becomes advisable for schools to end morning or afternoon sessions earlier than usual because of building conditions or weather. Parents should plan for this possibility. In the case of inclement weather, any parent who desires may pick up their children from school at any time during the day. This absence is recorded as a parent excused absence and this absence is included in attendance records.

School schedules will be adjusted, if necessary to comply with required minimum student instructional hours.

Policy Adopted 2/7/77

Policy Revised 7/10/95

Policy Revised 7/1/96

Policy Reviewed: 6-13-02

Policy Revised: 05.11.2017