5230.1 Administrative Guidelines

Crisis Plans

Crisis Plans for emergency responses and directions for tornado, evacuation, lockdown, lockout, shelter in place and fire drill activities have been developed. To be in compliance with the fire code, there are to be nine fire evacuation exercises each school year. Two tornado drills are to be exercised and two lockdown drills practiced each school year.

Since many parents may not be at home, all children and faculty will be normally retained at the school building in case of extreme emergency. The school notification system will be activated to inform parents and guardians regarding where children may be picked up at school or at the evacuation site. 

Fire Drills

Fire drills shall be conducted at such times and manner as is required by the State Fire Marshal. 

The frequency of fire drills shall be as follows:

  • at a sufficient frequency to familiarize occupants with the drill procedure as a matter of routine;
  • every month in each school building in which the facility is in session;
  • subject to the exception that a monthly drill may be deferred in months of severe weather, provided that the required number of annual drills is achieved and not less than four are conducted before the drills are deferred; and
  • one additional drill shall be conducted within the first 30 days of a school year.


The manner of conducting fire drills shall be as follows:

  • emphasis shall be on conducting an orderly evacuation, rather than speed;
  • under varying conditions and at expected and unexpected times;
  • participants shall relocate to a predetermined location and remain until recalled or dismissed; and
  • all emergency and relocation drill alarms shall be sounded