5230 – Emergency Plans

It is the responsibility of the Board of Education to the best of their ability to provide facilities, equipment, and training to minimize the effects of a disaster.  The district shall develop a school emergency plan which provides as much protection as possible for children while at school and on their way to and from school, and provide adequate instruction so that the plan can be carried out with the greatest possible speed and safety.  Therefore, the following responsibilities shall be assigned:

The Superintendent shall: (a) make recommendations for needed policy statements to the board; (b) designate a staff member to act as the school safety coordinator; (c) coordinate a school disaster plan with the local civil defense authorities and all other agencies as appropriate.

Each principal shall: (a) maintain an emergency plan for all possible emergency situations to include inclement weather, fire, or gas con­tamination; (b) select, assign, and orient faculty members to various positions of responsibility in accordance to the school plan; (c) request needed emergency preparedness supplies and equipment; (d) inform parents and students concerning the emergency program of the school.

Each teacher shall: (a) help students to develop confidence in their ability to take care of themselves and be of help to others; (b) be prepared for leadership of activities for students during a period of enforced confinement; (c) be familiar with the psychological basis for working with students under stress of emergency situations; (d)be familiar with minimum first aid procedures; (e) Maintain good housekeeping practices to reduce hazards and; (f) help students to understand and interpret the emergency plans to parents.

Each health care worker shall: (a) be prepared to render first aid, treat casualties, and prepare students for transportation to hospitals if appropriate; (b) participate as a health resource person in faculty studies in the area of curriculum development and determining how best to meet the need for emergency preparedness and; (c) assist the principal in determining the need for additional emergency supplies and equipment.

The cafeteria manager shall: (a) maintain a supply of food for emer­gency use and, (b) be prepared for feeding service under emergency conditions.

Custodians and maintenance personnel shall: (a) Inspect the facili­ties for structural safety and report defects; (b) chart shut-off valves and switches for gas, oil, water, and electricity, and post charts so that other personnel may use them in an emergency; (c) be prepared to inspect the building following a disaster and report damage to the administrator and; (d) be ready to make emergency re­pairs to building services.

Principals will be responsible for the conduct of disaster drills as appropriate (5230.1 Administrative Guidelines).

Specific safety and emergency guidelines are contained in the district's Emergency Response Manual. This document shall be made available to every district administrator and will be reviewed annually as per NDE Rule 10.


Reference:                    Neb. Rev. Stat. §79-706

                                    Nebraska Department of Education Title 92, Nebraska Administrative Code

                                    Chapter 10, Section 011


Policy Adopted 2/7/77

Policy Revised  4-21-05

Policy Revised: 10.12.2015