5220 First Aid

First aid requires that the first attending adult or student take whatever action is appropriate to the situation at hand.  Where possible, however, the school nurse or health technician shall perform appropriate first aid and emergency care measures in accordance with procedures outlined in their specialized training. In the event the school nurse or health technician is not available, a knowledgeable adult in the immediate vicinity of the emergency, the principal or administrator on duty, or other staff members as available will provide first aid measures. The first aid measures taken will be a part of the action report submitted in the case of all accidents or emergencies taking place within or near school facilities.

In the event of an injury to a student, the family or guardian shall be notified as soon as possible.  The parents or guardians should decide the physician who will treat their child and, if possible, pick up the child at school and provide transportation  If transportation other than the parent must be provided due to the degree and nature of the injury the Grand Island rescue unit will be utilized.


Policy Adopted 2/7/77

Policy Revised 4/12/93

Policy Reviewed 4/16/02

Policy Reviewed: 8/13/15