5210 Safety Programs

The Superintendent of Schools or designee shall have responsibility for the safety program of the district. General areas of emphasis shall include, but not be limited to; professional development; accident investigation and record keeping, facility inspection; driver and vehicle safety programs; fire prevention; school site selection; and emergency procedures and traffic safety problems relevant to students, employees, and the community.

In accordance with Nebraska Department of Labor regulations, safety committee(s) will be established to make recommendations regarding methods of addressing safety and health hazards.

The safety committee will have no less than six members with equal representation from management and non-management staff.

A written safety and health program addressing issues of hazard reduction injury and illness prevention will be made available to all employees.


References:      Neb. Statute 48-146.01; 48-443; 48-444

                        Title 92, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 10

                        Nebraska Department of Labor, Title 230, Chapter 6: Workplace Safety

Consultation Program


Policy Adopted 11-1-82

Policy Revised 2-14-94

Policy Revised 8-14-95

Policy Revised  6-13-02

Policy Revised: 8.13.2015