4610 – School Properties Disposal

The Grand Island Public Schools Board of Education may, at any time, declare district real estate and improvements as surplus and authorize its disposal when such property is no longer useful to the district, unsuitable for use, too costly to repair or obsolete.

Sale of Property:

1.   Prior to the sale, the Board shall cause the appraisal of the property by a duly qualified professional appraiser who shall make a report of such value to the Board of Education.

2.   A notice of the sale shall be published in accordance with the law governing such notice.  The notice shall set out the terms and conditions of the sale.  The Board may permit the bidders to specify conditions.  The owner shall state that the bids shall be received on a specified date and that the sale shall continue for a period not in excess of 60 days or until the property is sold.

3.   All bids shall be available for examination by the public.

4.   The Board may also conduct an auction.

5.   The Board may sell the property to the highest and best bidder or reject all bids.

6.  Such property shall be sold only at a regular meeting of the Board of Education and with an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the membership.


Trade- In Property:

Where new property is purchased by the Board in accordance with law upon condition that property of a similar nature, owned by the school district, is to be traded in or exchanged as a part of such purchase in reduction of the price, such trade-in shall be allowed without appraisal before notice of sale.


Surplus Property

The superintendent, or designee, may dispose of all obsolete, surplus, unwanted and/or excessively damaged equipment and supplies owned by the district in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. Develop a list of surplus property
  2. List is reviewed by the Finance and Facilities Board Committee
  3. Surplus property list placed on Board consent agenda for approval
  4. Sell at highest price possible
  5. If not sold, items will be disposed


Reference:        Neb. Rev. Stat. 79-10,114


Policy Adopted 10/4/76

Policy Revised  5-9-02  

Policy Revised: 07.13.2015