4561 – Procedures For Acquisition Of School Sites

It shall be the policy of the Grand Island Public Schools to base property acquisition on student population trends, location, and educational needs. Sites should be acquired in advance to allow adequate time for the completion of topographical studies and other preliminary work. Eminent domain action for the acquisition of property for school site purposes shall be executed only after negotiations fail and all other appropriate courses of action have been exhausted.  It is the Board's intent to negotiate amicably and to avoid friction when possible while continuing negotiations.


The Board shall authorize the hiring of certificated appraisers as consul­tants to the school district when condemnation procedures or negotiations on sites are contemplated.


Legal Reference:           Neb. Rev. Statute 76-701 through 76-726

                                    Neb. Rev. Statute 79-1095 through 79-1097


Policy Adopted 2-7-77

Reviewed October, 1989

Policy Revised  5-9-02

Policy Revised: 07.13.2015