4555 Bidding Requirements

The Grand Island Public Schools shall bid project(s) for the construction, remodeling, or repair of any school-owned building or for site improvements when the contemplated expenditures for the project is over $100,000.00. The bidding procedures shall comply with the requirements of state law and shall include the following:

1. Notice to Bidders:        

The Administration shall prepare a notice to bidders containing a general description of the scope of the project being bid; the location of the project; the means of obtaining project documents, including plans and specifications; the date and hour bids will close; and the date, hour and place bids are to be returned, received and opened, and a provision that such bids will be immediately and simultaneously opened in the presence of the bidders or representatives of the bidders, when the hour is reached for the bids to close. 

2. Regular Manner of Advertisement for Bids:

The notice to bidders shall be published one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the School District.  The notice shall be published at least seven (7) days prior to the date designated for the opening of such bids. The Board of Education or Administration may, in its sole discretion, elect to utilize further advertisement for bids as it may determine appropriate to secure a sufficient number of qualified bidders for the scope of the project. 

 3. Bid Opening:    

When the hour is reached for such bids to close, bids will be immediately and simultaneously opened in the presence of the bidders or representatives of the bidders.

 4. Contract Award:

The contract shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder as to the extent required by law.  When not so required, the award shall be made on the basis of consideration of the contract award criteria determined appropriate by the Board or administration.

 5. Performance and Payment Bonds.

Whenever any contract is entered into for the erecting, furnishing, or repairing of any building or other public structure or improvement, the contractor shall be required, before commencing such work, to furnish a performance, labor and material payment bond.  The bond requirement shall not apply, however, to any project bid or proposed which has a total cost of $50,000 or less unless the School Board or Administration includes a bond requirement in the specifications for the project. The bond shall be in an amount not less than the contract price. The bond shall be conditioned on the faithful performance of the contract and the payment by the contracting party of all laborers and mechanics for labor that is performed and of all material and equipment rental that is actually used or rented in connection with the improvement project and the performance of the contract.  Such bond shall contain such provisions as are required by statutes, and be in a form prescribed and required by the district.

 6. Retention of an Architect or Engineer. 

The School District shall not engage in the construction of any public works involving architecture or engineering unless the plans, specifications, and estimates have been prepared and the construction has been observed by an architect, a professional engineer, or a person under the direct supervision of an architect, professional engineer, or those under the direct supervision of an architect or professional engineer; provided that such requirement shall not apply to any public work in which the contemplated expenditure for the complete project does not exceed one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), as adjusted from time to time by § 81-3445 or other applicable law.

 7. Additional Procedures. 

Each bid for which a labor and material bond is required shall be accompanied by a bid bond or certified check in the amount of five percent (5%) of such bid unless the School Board or Administration waives such requirement. The Board of Education or Administration may provide for additional procedures for the procurement, opening and acceptance of bids as deemed appropriate for a particular project.           



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Policy Adopted: 10/4/76

Policy Revised:  12-6-99

Policy Revised:  11-13-03

Policy Revised:  7-10-08

Policy Revised:  11.12.2015