4470 - Settlement Of Claims

The Grand Island Public Schools shall maintain a public record of all settled claims.  The record of claims settled in the amount of at least fifty thousand dollars, or one percent of the total annual district budget, whichever is less, shall include a written executed settlement agreement.  The agreement shall contain a brief description of the claim, the party or parties released under the settlement, and the amount of any financial compensation paid by or to the district on its behalf. 

Specific portions of the claim may be withheld from the public record only as provided by state statute.  Upon settlement, the agreement shall be included as a board agenda item at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  This policy does not require the board or district employees to comment on the settlement agreement.

This policy does not apply to claims made in connection with insured or self-insured health insurance contracts.


Legal Reference:                       Neb. Statute 32-101

                                                   Neb. Statute 84-712


Policy Adopted 09/09/10

Policy Revised: 07.13.2015