4460.1 – Administrative Procedures for Policy 4460 & Expense Claim Forms


Travel expenses are ordinary expenses incurred while traveling outside the district and while on district business. No personal or entertainment expenses may be claimed, nor any expenses that would be considered out of the ordinary to the extent that they are lavish or extravagant.             

  • Approval of all expenses shall rest with the immediate supervising administrator. 
  • Expenses may be approved and reimbursed only if provided by budgetary allocation for the specific type of expense.
  • Travel by personal automobile will be reimbursed in accordance with personal vehicle mileage allowances as per Nebraska Department of Administrative Services, Neb. Rev. Stat. 81-1174, and IRS regulations.
  • Mileage from home to first work location and last work location to home (commuting mileage) cannot be claimed.
  • Meals will be reimbursed as per IRS regulations. Any requested meal expense in excess of these guidelines must be approved by a supervisor.
  • Trip reports for conferences must accompany requests for reimbursement.

1.     In-district Expenses:

  1. In-district mileage is reimbursed as per IRS regulations.
  2. Mileage is claimed on the In-District Mileage Claim (Form #292-51021).
  3. Other expenses are claimed on the Request for Materials/Supplies (Form #292-51001) or on the Travel Expense Report  (Form #292-51020).

2.     Out-of-District Expense:

  1. A Trip Report /Workshop Evaluation  Form (#292-32440) must be attached to the expense claim. This report is to include the reason for attending, and the benefits to the district.
  2. The Travel Expense Report (Form #292-51020) must be completed for each trip.

3.     Rates of Reimbursement:

Mileage Rate: (as per Nebraska Department of Administrative Services and IRS regulation)

Meal Allowance: A total meal allowance of $30 per day for instate travel and $60 per day for out of state travel is permitted. Allowance limits may be exceeded with administrative approval. These allowances do not include tips. Receipts are required

Meals paid with registration are excluded from the daily allowance.

4.     Travel Expense Report (Form #292-51020) Instructions

         Name(s): The name(s) of the individual(s) whose expenses are claimed on this form. 

         Assignment: The specific job assignment which requires this travel. 

         Purpose of Travel:  Name of the function and the sponsoring organization--explain all acronyms. Include the destination city and state. 

         Time and Date--Left and Returned:  Include the actual time and date--this is utilized to determine your rate of reimbursement*.

         Summary of Benefits/Outcomes for the District:  Self-explanatory.

         Registration Fee:  Attach a copy of the registration.              Include only the cost of registration here. If other items, such as meals, are paid at the time of registration, record them in the proper category below.

         Transportation: Include costs to and from the meeting site. Do not include for personal needs. Taxi or other costs of transportation between airports or stations and hotels are reimbursed (one round trip). The use of rental vehicles is to be discouraged unless other conveyances are not practical.

         Meals, including tips: (Refer to 3 above) Tips are additional to the daily meal allowance. Receipts are required. Allowances may be exceeded only with approval of appropriate administrator. 

         Lodging, including tax: Unless two or more employees are sharing lodging, expenses will be reimbursed at the single rate only. When appropriate, employees are encouraged to share lodging accommodations. Tips are not customary and are not reimbursed. Lodging expenses for flights departing from Lincoln or Omaha will be reimbursed only if the scheduled departure time occurs prior to 8 A.M. from Lincoln and 9 A. M. from Omaha.

         Other expenses: This may include parking, non-personal phone calls and other items that may be incidental to the purpose of the travel. Each of these claims is to be individually justified. Lodging tips (room service, maid service, valet parking, bellboy), as well as in-room snacks, beverage service, laundry and dry cleaning, personal phone calls or access charges for personal calls will not be considered reimbursable expenses.